Weekend In The Wilds


Bushcraft is about thriving in the natural environment, and the acquisition of the skills and knowledge to do so. Bushcraft skills include fire craft, tracking, hunting, fishing, shelter building, navigation by natural means, the use of tools such as knives and axes, foraging, water sourcing, hand-carving wood, container construction from natural materials, and rope and twine making, among others.

Starting at 9 AM and finishing at approximately 1 PM. Learn the basic bushcraft skills needed to survive in the wilds.

  • Introduction to Fire by Friction
  • Essential fire nurturing and campfire skills
  • Bushcraft cooking
  • Safe wilderness camping
  • Pot hangars

£25 p.p

Spend the day in the woods learning essential bushcraft techniques that have been around for 1000’s of years. Starting at 9 AM and finishing when the sun sets.

  • How to safely use knives and saws including various cutting techniques.
  • The fundamentals of shelter building including location selection and potential hazards.
  • How to light a fire without matches (methods include flint & steel and fire steel)
  • How to construct a weatherproof shelter (leaf litter)
  • Methods of preparing game ready for cooking
  • Bushcraft cooking techniques
  • How to identify useful trees and plants for food and medicine
  • The fundamentals of carving with green wood
  • Sharpen a knife in the field and basecamp

£45 p.p

2 nights and 2 days in the woods. Learn various fire lighting techniques, shelter styles and camp cooking. We kick off at 7 PM Friday (8 AM Saturday if you prefer) and leave the woods at sunset on Sunday. A great experience.

  • Safely use knives and saws, incluing cutting techniques.
  • Construct a weatherproof shelter (leaf litter)
  • Tie key knots to erect a tarp.
  • Locate and use natural cordage
  • Water sourcing
  • Water filtration and purification
  • Source tinder (bark, grasses, seed heads)
  • Light a fire without matches (methods include fire steel and flint and steel, bowdrill)
  • Identify useful trees and plants
  • Prepare game ready for cooking
  • Cook on a open fire along with bushcraft cooking techniques
  • Source tinder (bark, grasses, seed heads)
  • Natural navigation
  • Snares and traps
  • Sharpen a knive in the field and at basecamp

£90 p.p