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Wild Camping, Bushcraft or Guided Walks... this is just a snippet of what we can provide. We can cater for individuals, groups, organisations and families, contact us if you wish to know more.

About Us

About Us

Al has always been a lover of the great outdoors, living on Dartmoor for 18 years before moving to Cornwall in 2005. Al has learned the importance of spending time outdoors, be it mountain biking, camping, hiking or time spent in the woods. We have it all on our doorstep, let’s not waste it.

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  • Why not use an image of an ostomate?

    My two-pennies-worth!   Ok, here’s my two-pennies-worth, and I’m not a born writer, so don’t expect Shakespeare.   Is it the images people see as shocking or offensive? Is it the wording used? Could Health Canada worded it differently used a slightly more subtle image? Would it get the message across? Either way I personally […]

  • The Benefits of Walkies

    I’ve written about Natures Health Benefits before but what about the benefits of animals and pets?

  • The Joys of Hernias and Obstructions!

    Well, I’m back in the land of the living! It has been a rather interesting and uncomfortable 10 days or so, it started with a bowel obstruction on Sunday night, that was uncomfortable enough as it was. I usually have obstructions last approximately 5-6 hours then a days worth of aches, like I’ve been kicked by […]

  • Our Latest Adventures

      This is just some of what we get up to Do you fancy spending some time outdoors? Bushcraft… MicroAdventure… Wild Camping… Guided Walks…Reap the health benefits boost your mood, invigorate your mind and feed from those endorphins.Reap the health benefits boost your mood, invigorate your mind and feed from those endorphins. Don’t worry, we […]

  • Natures Health Benefits

    Nature offers one of the most reliable boosts to your physical and mental well-being. Here are just a few potential benefits: Vitamin D   This is perhaps the most obvious reason to get outside, but often the most overlooked. The sun is capable of supplying us with the majority of vitamin D that our body […]

  • Crohns And Colitis UK #WalkIt #Plymouth

    My alarm screamed at me at 5AM today, it’s been a long time since I’ve crawled out of bed that early! But today was the first of Crohns And Colitis UK series of #WalkIt events, and what an amazing day it was going to be!

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